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Why is the Male Edge better?

“This device really is better than the rest, and I’ve tried most”
Paulo, Gloucestershire

The Male Edge is the latest in a long line of penis enlargement products that claims to be the answer to male enlargement, but why is it so good?

Of all the products available today, from Penis Pills to Penis Pumps, the only products that get the most consistent feedback, that work for more men and deliver the best results are penis extenders.

A Penis Extender uses the now established medical fact that traction leads to more cells. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your penis will not increase overnight, or without effort – the more traction you put in, the more length and girth you get out.

Penis Extenders have been helping men for over 10 years to increase their size and are now regarded as the single most effective tool for male enhancement.

The Male Edge is a Penis Extender with a difference.

cutting edge design

Thanks to the Male Edge’s advanced design, even the smallest starting sizes can benefit. With a flaccid size as small as 1.6 inches (4cm), the Male Edge can be assembled and will fit. The range of use allows men from 1.6inches to 9inches flaccid to get benefit that covers pretty much everyone!

Surgical grade plastics are used to provide a material that is super strong and super lightweight. Unlike other extenders that are made of stainless steel, the assembled device weighs only 65g.

Penis Extending is all about traction, the greater the force, the better the results. Unique to the Male Edge is the 2800g of traction power; almost double that of the competition.

male edge pro edition packshot
male edge basic edition packshot

The Male Edge combines unmatched traction power, with super lightweight, a combination that gets results, quickly.

When you add the latest comfort strap attachment, rubber case and accessories, you have a device that beats the competition hands down.